Resource Fair

Come and explore the RESOURCE FAIR from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm.  Talk with the experts and get purposeful resources you can integrate tomorrow!


D2L (Portfolio)
Come and explore some of the features of the the HUB (Brightspace/D2L) especially some of the newer developments.  Explore how the new Portfolio works as a way for students to make their learning more visible.
TVO Mathify / Homework Help
Mathify is an free online math tutoring service for students in Grades 7-10 provided 5:30p.m.-9:30p.m. Sundays through Thursdays.  Come and talk with one of their tutors and see how to register your students and become familiar with the platform. There are lots of great supports for teachers and parents too. 
This is integrated into the HUB.  Students register through the HUB and then can access it through the Mathify icon in the HUB.  No further username and password is required if signed in through the HUB.
TVO mPower
‘Never Stop Learning’ with TVO.  Come and discover the various resources for learners and educators that TVO’s site has to offer.  In addition, explore the new mPower math game directed to students in K to Grade 6.
Resource – NEW!  You can add students through the HUB!!! Registering for mPower
Resource – Curriculum Connections Grades K-6
Gizmos – Explore Learning
Come and explore interactive activities that are engage students in experimenting math and science concepts.  Teachers can explore by topic, grade or even Ontario curriculum expectations for Grades 7-12 math and science curriculum.  With HUB integration, teachers and students simply sign into the HUB and access activities right within their class/course.
Knowledge Building/Knowledge Forum
Come and explore the principles of Knowledge Building in fostering a community of knowledge creation in your classroom.  Discover the wealth of resources we provide to support Knowledge Building within any K-12 classroom.  As well, experiment with Knowledge Forum, a digital platform designed to promote collaboration with the end-goal of community-based idea improvement.
Resource – Knowledge Building Bookmark
Resource – 12 Habits of Highly Creative Teams
Resource – Overview of Knowledge Forum Tools
Industry Education Council (IEC) of Hamilton
Come and see how we support experiential learning through programming, group mentoring and partnerships.  Connect what students do in school to industry and workforce through practical, hands-on learning opportunities.  We can help you make the right connections so you can bring your curriculum to life 
Do-Ink Green Screen Demo
Take a quick look into the world of ‘green screen’ and put yourself if another world.  Get your picture taken and explore how green screen is easier than it looks. Discover ways to use it to engage students and put them into times and places they never could have dreamed!
Pico 8 as a Teaching Tool
Saeed Campos-Ijaz – W.H. Ballard Student
Pico 8 is a program that allows you to make games and other programs.  It is a fun, easy to use environment. You can do more with this program than many other programs.  It is recommended for age 10 plus.
Discovery Centre
Are you looking for some drums to use in class?  Storybooks?  Math manipulatives?  Science kits?  How about a dash robot? See what kits you can borrow from the Discovery Centre (Medianet) to enhance the excitement of your students and unleash their learning opportunities.
Virtual Library
Explore the wealth of resources within the HWDSB Virtual Library for all staff and students.  Access the read-along resources for K-3 and explore the depth of reliable resources for middle and high school students.  Look into the assistive features built into most resources which makes the databases and resources accessible and usable for all students…anytime…anywhere!