Breakout One

Spotlight on Google Forms

Not just for opinions and quizzes: Google Forms is a simple & very effective tool for gathering anecdotal observations, data collection & feedback.
Breakout One / ROOM: 180A

An Introduction to Coding

An Introduction to Coding in the Curriculum Areas. This session gives you the confidence to integrate coding into your instruction of all curricular areas.
Breakout One / ROOM: 181A

Ink Your Think

Come learn how to create sketchnotes in digital, paper and hybrid versions that offer all learners access to the magic of doodling our thinking in live time.
Breakout One / ROOM: 180C

Build a Website on the Commons

Connect with students, teachers, and parents through your site on the HWDSB Commons.
Breakout One / ROOM: 170

Pedagogy, Assessment, & Technology

Learn the why behind the technology related projects performed by two English teachers just beginning their 1:1 journey. Come join the discussion on how to use technology purposefully.
Breakout One / ROOM: 180E

Be Techy, Be Real and Be Spirally

Leverage digital tools for documenting & extending learning beyond the classroom, requiring students to make worldly inquiries through a spiralling approach to curriculum delivery.
Breakout One / ROOM: 180D

Using GarageBand to meet Music Expectations

Explore and experiment with GarageBand as a platform for composition, meeting curriculum expectations for Grades 5-8
Breakout One / ROOM: 270

Critical Literacy and Collaborative Technology

Critical Thinking, Critical Literacy, and Equity are essential goals in education. Learn how to grow students’ capacity in these areas.
Breakout One / ROOM: 181B

iMovie and Lego Movie Maker

Create multimedia presentations with students using iMovie and Lego Movie Maker
Breakout One and Two (DOUBLE SESSION) / ROOM: 201C

Everyone Can Code

Swift Playgrounds with Apple: John Maschak (Apple Instructional Support)
Breakout One and Two (DOUBLE SESSION) / ROOM: 154A/B

Image 2 Bits

Image 2 Bits, and other McMaster Tools/Workshops. Learn about the MAC CAS Outreach Initiatives
(DOUBLE SESSION) Breakout One and Two / ROOM: 180B