Welcome to RewirED 2018! 

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1. http://rewired.hwdsb.on.ca is your one-stop-shop for all things related to today.  You can find the schedule, room locations, and a map at the site.  After the conference, the slides for each session will be posted in the schedule area.

2. The morning consists of 3 sessions.  These are not pre-selected, so you are free to go to the session of your choice (provided there is enough room!).  At 12:00pm-1:00pm there is a lunch break with a Resource Fair on the 2nd floor.  At 1:15pm we will reconvene in the large 180 room downstairs for the #HWDSBDemoSlam and we’ll finish the day with a Call to Action.

3. Here is our Director Manny Figueiredo with a few words…

4. RewirED Bingo Challenge

Why would you try and accomplish all of these tasks on the RewirED Bingo Card?  Maybe you want to take home some limited-edition RewirED swag.  Maybe you want to be a good sport.  Maybe you just want an excuse to help you network.  RewirED Bingo Cards are available in interactive Explain Everything format here.  If you’d rather just use the markup function on your iPad, here is the card in image format.

Here’s the map we were talking about!

5.  Resource Fair – Come and explore the resource fair in the LOBBY during Session 3 (11;05-11:55) or during LUNCH.  See who and what is there by clicking here.

Call to Action – link